EIFS system technology has been in use since the 1960s in North America, first on masonry buildings, but since the 1990s the majority on wood framed buildings. In general, EIFS system technology is a general class of non-load-bearing building cladding systems that provide exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface in an integrated composite material system. Here at NPS, we can provide top-quality EPS panels for the EIFS system that administer continuous insulation that will have overall advantageous benefits for any residential, commercial or industrial project.

EIFS systems add to the “R-value” of a home or building. R-value is a measurement of the resistance to heat flow; the higher the R-value, the better the material’s insulating value. Our extended knowledge in the field renders NPS as a leading EIFS system provider, ensuring all our clients are satisfied with our products. Durability, fire testing control, moisture control and overall aesthetics are the fundamental points we assess when we manufacture our EIFS products.

Without impacting life indoors, EIFS system can be installed on new buildings or old structures that need a facelift or structural improvements. Plastering contractors or trained EIFS specialists can install it at the construction site by hand. We make versatile products here at NPS and this is what renders us as the most professional polystyrene systems company in Australia. For additional information on how our EIFS products can assist in your building project, feel free to contact us directly to discuss with a member of staff.


Concrete formwork


Formwork is the backbone of any building project. Without the utmost stable, reliable and efficient formwork for concrete structures the project could be at jeopardy. Over the years there have been many issues regarding the materials utilised for formwork, hence why the innovative team here at National Polystyrene Systems have developed EPS to utilise as the basis of our formwork. Rigidity, good thermal conductivity and some elasticity that administers a cushioning effect are the fundamental properties that EPS offers and ensures that concrete formwork projects are handled accurately with success.

We guarantee that our formwork systems are second to none. If you are seeking concrete formwork , then NPS is your number one choice, administering a wide range of solutions to ensure all the unique requirements for your project are met. We liaise with all our clients to determine the utmost optimal approach.

An innovative workforce team established by responsible leaders in collusion with attention to detail and adherence to protocol makes us who we are. Our management is highly experienced in the needs of the construction sector, as well as in all given tasks. They possess the necessary leadership skills, expertise and can handle ongoing commitments with professionalism. They are the core of National Polystyrene Systems, and all play pivotal roles in the maintenance of this company. Together with the ingenuity and the dedication our key personnel provide, National Polystyrene Systems is on its way to a big and bright future. At National Polystyrene Systems, you lay the foundations, so you expect nothing but the best! Contact us today for our quote on concrete formwork Melbourne projects.




NPS Sunshades made from expanded polystyrene are a cost-effective way to enhance the Energy Efficiency of a building whilst giving it a stylish, modern look. They are easy to install, can be rendered on-site or pre- finished and can reduce window solar heat gain by up to 77%.

Features and Benefits
  • Stylish and Modern look
  • Cost Effective
  • Provides protection from the elements
  • Simple to Install
  • Fix to any substrate (surface) – brick, concrete, timber, weatherboard
  • Strong, Rigid, Durable and Impact resistant
  • Less maintenance than other sunshade solutions
  • Australian made for Australian conditions
  • Custom profiles available to suit any shape or size specification
Standard Sizes

NPS can offer a range of standard sunshade sizes or custom profile options for render on site.

WidthBack Measurementsunshade_backFront Measurementsunshade_front
Pre-Finished Sunshades
  • NPS can direct you to professional finishers

EPS Mouldings


The expanded polystyrene beads are moulded to form blocks or customised products. The mould serves to shape and form the pre-foam, and steam is again used to promote expansion. During moulding, the steam causes fusion of each bead to its neighbours, thus forming a homogeneous product.




National Polystyrene Systems is a leading supplier of Australia’s geofoam requirements. Geofoam is a lightweight, rigid engineered fill material made from expanded polystyrene used in Australia, Europe, Asia and the US for geotechnical construction, residential and commercial applications, providing a highly controllable and cost-effective fill product that will significantly reduce project lead times and provide superior earth stabilisation. The possibilities are endless with our geofoam and we recommend it to all our clients no matter the scale of the project.

Why choose our Geofoam for your projects?
  1. Low density/high strength: Geofoam is 1% to 2% the density of soil with equal strength
  2. Predictable behaviour: Geofoam enables engineers to be much more specific in the design criteria. This is very different from other lightweight fillers, such as soil, which be very variable in composition.
  3. Inert – Geofoam will not break down, so it will not spread into surrounding areas. This means that geofoam will not pollute the surrounding soil. Geofoam can also be dug up and reused, assisting in global appreciation.
  4. Limited labour required for construction – Geofoam can be installed by hand using simple hand tools. This eliminates the investment and operating cost of heavy machinery.
  5. Decreases construction time – Geofoam is quick to install and can be installed during any type of weather, day or night, resulting in faster installation time.

If you are seeking the utmost professional and dedicated geofoam suppliers in Australia, look no further than NPS. With extensive knowledge in the industry, having accurately assisted in the completion of a plethora of projects we are the finest geofoam suppliers. Contact us, today.




Subsidence causes all sorts of problems in local landscapes. It can be the culprit behind uneven spots in lawns, exposed tree roots, low spots that stay damp and drainage issues. NPS liaises with landscape companies to provide them with exceptional landscape fill materials manufactured with EPS to ensure that all problems will be alleviated. Our EPS products are versatile, do not spread, are robust and ensure fluidity with all areas that they need to fill. When you hear landscape fill materials, you know NPS are the industry leaders.

No matter the scale and complexity of the project, NPS deals with each one respectfully and our dedicated staff liaise with clients to produce the optimal solution. For efficient landscape fill materials, we are a leading and most experienced company in Australia. Since we are talking about landscape, here at NPS we need to add the final touch to our materials to ensure etiquette and attraction. Our experienced customer service team ensures that our void-filling materials can be easily integrated to suit all landscape projects.

An innovative workforce team established by responsible leaders in collusion with attention to detail and adherence to protocol makes us who we are. Our management team is highly experienced in the needs of the construction sector, as well as in all given tasks. They possess the necessary leadership skills, expertise and can handle ongoing commitments with professionalism. NPS is well-equipped with landscape fill materials to ensure the accurate completion of your project. For additional information on how our products can assist you, feel free to contact us directly.

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