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EPS Foam Packaging

Alleviate the perpetual anxiety that transporting of delicate goods can bring upon and feel confident with our EPS foam packaging solutions that are tailored to your needs from NPS. NPS packaging products are the easiest way to store or transport goods due to their insulative and moisture resistant properties and high compression resistance. They keep perishable items fresh, fragile items protected, are fully recyclable and can be stacked on top of each other to fit perfectly into containers or other transport options. EPS foam packaging is what we do best!

Considerable quantities of EPS are also used in packaging applications. Its exceptional shock absorbing characteristics make it ideal for the storage and transport of fragile and expensive items such as electronic equipment, wines, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. The outstanding thermal insulation and moisture resistant properties of EPS enables freshness extension of perishable products such as produce and seafood. Moreover, its compression resistance means that EPS foam packaging is ideal for stackable packaging goods. The majority of EPS packaging manufactured in Australia is used in the transport of fruit, vegetables and seafood. EPS packaging is used extensively for both the domestic and export market. EPS foam packaging is a specialty here at NPS and we take pride in administering high grade EPS foam packaging for all our client’s needs.

If you are seeking transportation of goods and want to ensure that no damage will occur, look no further than us here at National Polystyrene Systems. We are leaders in EPS foam packaging and have extensive experience in packaging techniques. Contact us today for more information on all our premium products.

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