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Foam Sheets Brisbane

Traditional foam is unstable, causes settlement and is prone to lateral forces. Structures seemed to lose many properties over time, such as insulation properties, however all these issues can now be alleviated. Over the years, technology has evolved and new materials have entered the construction scene. Expanded polystyrene is one of them and here at NPS we are proud to be specialists in administering foam sheets Brisbane that are made from our best quality EPS. Our foam sheets Brisbane are crafted to suit your dimensions, sizes and needs; this way we ensure that your project will be completed with efficiency.

Why choose National Polystyrene System’s EPS as your foam sheets Brisbane Supplier

  • Lightweight, rigid and versatile
  • Safe and easy to handle and apply
  • Eliminates staged construction & preloading procedures
  • Engineered, controllable and predictable
  • Inert over long periods of time
  • Approximately 100 times lighter than soil
  • 20 to 30 times lighter than other lightweight fill
  • Perfect for earth stabilisation, relieved load & civil engineering projects
  • NPS has supplied large scale Geofoam projects

From pipe lagging, food packaging all the way to concrete reinforcement and insulation; EPS is the utmost versatile material and we are glad to be the industry leading team that is devoted in administering exceptional foam sheets Brisbane for our clients to complete their projects.All the above really show the effort NPS puts into the manufacturing of their foam sheets Brisbane and is devoted in administering only the finest materials. If you require foam sheets for your project, but are unsure of who to choose it from, contact us here at NPS and we will liaise with you and explain our products in more depth.

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