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Food Safe Packaging

From large scale food shipments to smaller scaled food packaging, NPS have manufactured products that assist in safe food packaging to ensure no spillage and efficiency, each and every time. By utilising EPS, which is durable, flexible, hold moisture and are overall the leading technological material for food packaging, we stabilise our reputation and continuously propel our professionalism to greater heights when we ensure that our food safe packaging is state of the art. Keep your food safe with leading food packaging products from the industry leaders here at National Polystyrene Systems.

National Polystyrene Systems administer custom moulding services to manufacture packaging options to suit your specifications utilising the insulative, moisture resistant and impact resistant properties of expanded polystyrene (EPS). National Polystyrene System’s safe food packaging supply products are the quickest and easiest way to store or transport goods due to their insulative and moisture resistant properties and high compression resistance. We welcome your enquiries.

They keep perishable items fresh, fragile items protected, are fully recyclable and can be stacked on top of each other to fit perfectly into containers or other transport options. A high degree of versatility is established when the right materials are used. Hence why NPS study extensively and embrace technology to conclude that EPS is the finest food safe packaging material there is to date.

When the phrase “Food safe packaging” is mentioned, your mind should pinpoint to one and only one company, the industry leaders and innovators here at National Polystyrene Systems. With a variety of food transportation projects that have been accurately completed without any hassle, you know that our products are high grade! Contact us today, for more information on our safe food packaging products.

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