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Geofoam Suppliers

National Polystyrene Systems is a leading supplier of Australia’s geofoam requirements. Geofoam is a lightweight, rigid engineered fill material made from expanded polystyrene used in Australia, Europe, Asia and the US for geotechnical construction, residential and commercial applications, providing a highly controllable and cost-effective fill product that will significantly reduce project lead-times and provide superior earth stabilisation. The possibilities are endless with our geofoam and we recommend it to all our clients no matter the scale of the project.

Why choose our Geofoam for your projects?

  1. Low density/high strength: Geofoam is 1% to 2% the density of soil with equal strength
  2. Predictable behaviour: Geofoam enables engineers to be much more specific in the design criteria. This is very different than other lightweight fillers, such as soil, that can be very variable in composition.
  3. Inert – Geofoam will not break down, so it will not spread into surrounding areas. This means that geofoam will not pollute the surrounding soil. Geofoam can also be dug up and reused, assisting in global appreciation.
  4. Limited labour required for construction – Geofoam can be installed by hand using simple hand tools. This eliminates the investment and operating cost of heavy machinery.
  5. Decreases construction time – Geofoam is quick to install and can be installed during any type of weather, day or night, resulting in faster installation time.

If you are seeking the utmost professional and dedicated geofoam suppliers in Australia, look no further than NPS. With extensive knowledge in the industry, having accurately assisted in the completion of a plethora of projects we are the finest geofoam suppliers. Contact us, today.

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