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7 November 2023

In the wake of polystyrene balls washing ashore on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, the peak organisation for the sector has donated four spill kits to local community groups to assist in the clean-up.

Expanded Polystyrene Australia represents manufacturers of expanded polystyrene products, which are used in consturciton of affordable housing in slabs, cladding and cool rooms, the efficient movement of fresh fruit, fish, vegetables to market as well as the transport of vital vacines and organs.

Representative of EPSA, Lester Landsey said the clean-up kits came at the request of local volunteer groups and will be used for the removal of the beads from Alexandra Headland and extending towards Maroochydore.

“The urgency of the situation was underscored by environmentalist Alison Foley from Ten Little Pieces, who emphasized the risk these polystyrene balls pose to marine life, especially during the critical turtle nesting season,” Mr Landsey said.

“While the exact origin of the spill is under investigation, the size of the beads and scale suggests an industrial source, likely from imported bean bag bead.

“EPSA’s contribution to the clean-up operation is part of their broader commitment to environmental protection against polystyrene pollution.

“As an authority in the industry, EPSA is dedicated to ensuring that polystyrene is not only kept out of landfill and waterways but is also effectively recycled. “

EPSA and the community’s collaborative efforts are a powerful reminder of the importance of environmental stewardship.

As the clean-up progresses, EPSA and local environmentalists like Alison Foley urge the public to remain vigilant and to contribute to the clean-up efforts by reporting any sightings of polystyrene debris.

For further information: Becher Townshend, Font PR 0418 370 661


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