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Lightweight Fill Materials For Road Construction

Road construction is a vital sector in construction as the margin for error is slim and only the utmost professional products must be incorporated in the project. At NPS we have liaised with plentiful large scale construction companies and provided them with our lightweight fill materials for road construction. This is our Geofoam made from EPS. We take pride in knowing that many firms choose us for our engineeringly sound product and we aim to keep evolving with technology to administer the utmost finest lightweight fill materials for road construction.

A few of our recent projects include and are not limited to:

  • TJH – Airport Link
  • Leightons – Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges
  • Eastern Busway

This shows the scale of our work and excellence in our products. When the phrase “lightweight fill materials for road construction” is mentioned only one company should spring to mind and that’s NPS. We guarantee that our fill materials and void fillers are second to none. If you are seeking lightweight fill materials to complete a road construction job, then NPS is your number one choice, administering a wide range of solutions to the precise completion of the project in hand. We liaise with all our clients to determine the utmost optimal approach and utilise our state-of-the-art systems to get the job done.

An innovative workforce team established by responsible leaders in collusion with attention to detail and adherence to protocol makes us who we are. Reliability, dedication and excellence are synonymous to National Polystyrene Systems and we are happy to administer state of the art materials to all our clients. Contact us, now!

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