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Pipe Laggers Melbourne

Pipe lagging is a highly flexible elastomeric material fitted around pipes to reduce the transfer of noise or heat. This practical and easy to install insulation minimises the disturbance of noisy kitchen, laundry and bathroom pipes and maintains the temperature in hot/cold water services, chilled water lines, refrigeration pipework and air-conditioning ducts. Pipe laggers Melbourne is what NPS provide and continuously work to evolve to advance their functionalities. Pipes require to emit a specific level of noise as Australian regulations state and here at NPS we ensure our pipe laggers Melbourne are expertly crafted to provide the result you are seeking.

Pipe laggers Melbourne are safe and effective for use as both acoustic and thermal insulation around the home, office or industrial site. It is lightweight and flexible, with a wide range of tube and sheet sizes available, making it quick and easy to install for all our clients. Our range of pipe laggers Melbourne offers superior energy conservation due to its closed cell structure, which provides a vapour barrier and is highly resistant to water vapour transmission, this is the greatness of EPS at full potential. The pipe lagging products supplied by National Polystyrene Systems are dust, fibre and CFC free, with a high level of resistance to the effects of ozone, oil, extreme weather conditions and general wear and tear. They also have a low toxicity rating and offer excellent fire safety.

Here at NPS, we are highly dedicated to the manufacturing of our pipe laggers Melbourne and are devoted tosupplying only the finest materials. If you require a pipe lagging material for your project, but are unsure of who to choose it from, contact us here at NPS and we will liaise with you and explain our products in more depth.

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