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Polystyrene Moulding Brisbane

Versatility is an understatement when we look at polystyrene. EPS can be moulded and crafted depending on the application. Here at NPS we can administer polystyrene moulding services for wall insulations, underfloor insulations all the way to food packaging and transporting. The versatility does not come from us, it comes from our materials. It is the EPS that we know so well that has propelled our reputation as a leading polystyrene moulding Brisbane company.

NPS use high quality European machinery to ensure reliability of supply and consistent quality of your shaped product, hence why we are a leading polystyrene moulding Brisbane service. NPS have multiple machines capable of moulding products in any shape from building/construction products or packaging. We tailor, for you!

A few of our recent projects where polystyrene moulding was utilised include and are not limited to:

  • TJH – Airport Link
  • Leightons – Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges
  • Eastern Busway

These accomplishments display the range of our work and diversity in our products. When the phrase “polystyrene moulding Brisbane” is mentioned only one company should spring to mind and that’s NPS. We guarantee that our EPS materials and moulded materials are second to none. If you are seeking polystyrene moulding in Brisbane services for your next road construction job, food packaging task or insulation; then NPS is your number one choice, supplying a wide range of solutions using only the finest materials to manufacture. We liaise with all our clients to determine the utmost optimal approach and utilise our state-of-the-art systems to get the job done.

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