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Sun Hoods For Windows

Expanded polystyrene is such a versatile material that it can be utilised for sun hoods for windows. It is a cost-effective way of reducing heat gain ensuring that the design is also appealing. National Polystyrene System’s sun hoods for windows are an economical way of providing over window shading or to improve and modernize the overall aesthetics of your project. Additionally, sun hoods are a great way to add a decorative feature and they are a logical choice of manufacture in comparison to a blue board or steel constructed hoods. Here at NPS we take pride in our sun hoods for windows and work alongside our clients to provide them with the look, feel and cut they are seeking.

NPS’s sun hoods for windows made from expanded polystyrene are a cost-effective way to enhance the energy efficiency of a building whilst giving it a stylish, modern look. They are easy to install, can be rendered on site or pre-finished and can reduce window solar heat gain by up to 80%. Our sun hoods for windows here at NPS are manufactured from a lightweight core material, EPS, which administers exceptional thermal and insulative properties. They are designed for an easy installation process in conjunction with brackets and approved sealants and adhesives.

The ten reasons why you should choose National Polystyrene Systems as your sun hood for windows provider.

  1. Stylish and Modern look
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Provides protection from the elements
  4. Simple for the builder to Install
  5. Fix to any substrate (surface) – brick, concrete, timber, weatherboard
  6. Strong, Rigid, Durable and Impact resistant
  7. Less maintenance than other sunshade solutions
  8. Australian made for Australian conditions
  9. Pre-finished or rendered on-site options
  10. Custom profiles available to suit any shape or size specification

We also supply individually designed sun hoods for windows that are quick and easy to install if our clients require something more quickly yet still high quality. Our sun hoods come in all shapes and sizes to suit your orientation. For additional information on our sun hood manufacturing feel free to contact us directly and speak with a friendly member of staff.

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