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Waffle Pods Brisbane

Waffle pods are critical to the majority of intricate structural projects and can prove beneficial in many areas. Being safe and stronger than normal concrete slabs, adding thermal insulation properties, being easy to handle and durable are just a hint of the benefits that waffle pods can administer to your project. Here at NPS we take pride in providing all our clients with exceptional waffle pods in Brisbane. Combined with our extensive experience in the field, we are able to liaise with you and plan any project.

National Polystyrene Systems provide our dedicated clients with reliable and cost efficient waffle pods in Brisbane using expanded polystyrene (EPS). Customers are able to order with the utmost confidence knowing that National Polystyrene Systems have you covered with well-maintained stock levels and our dedicated logistics staff managing your order from delivery to waste pickup with the greatest of importance. NPS offer a wide range of standard and tailored sized waffle pods Brisbane manufactured using high quality, well maintained and reliable European shape moulding machinery, as well as accurately selected quality raw material to ensure product consistency and stock capacity is always maintained.

If you are seeking reliable, durable and overall A grade waffle pods and you are situated in Brisbane, feel free to contact the industry specialists here at National Polystyrene Systems for your own personalised quote. Additional information on our products can be found by browsing our online website.

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